The Finger Lakes Wine Guide

Middle Finger Lakes Wine is not about offensive gestures. It is focused primarily on providing reliable information on Finger Lakes Wine and attractions from the point of view of an innkeeper living on the middle Finger Lakes.

However, wine tends to bring out opinions and I will share mine in as fair and educated a manner as I can. Those that strongly disagree are welcome to do so, I just don't want to hear about it, in which case the middle fingers are still not meant as a gesture, but I will use them to plug my ears. It is imporant for you to understand the following ideals:

  • I enjoy wine that makes me happy.
  • I enjoy wine that pairs with good food.
  • I enjoy wine that is priced such that I can afford to drink it in moderation, regularly.
  • I tend to favor dry wine, but I am able to appreciate quality in sweet wine as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you mention specific vintages?
I don't usually mention specific vintages (wine dates) because the information is too dated.  Six months to a year after reviewing a specific vintage, it is possible that wine may no longer exist, or it may have matured to taste different.  I do not offer these reviews so you can run to a wine store and purchase the perfect wine.  I offer them so that when you come to the Finger Lakes, you will be able to identify wineries that in general make the kind of wine you like or have a setting that you would enjoy. 

Do you base your reviews on only one visit?
Typically, No.  Since I live in the Finger Lakes, I try to visit most of the wineries and restaurants more than once a year.  My wife and I also have the pleasure of listening to our guests discuss their winery or restaurant visits over breakfast each morning and that gives us a broad impression through the eyes of others so that we get a feel for what hundreds of other people are experiencing in addition to our experiences.

Who is your loyalty to?
My wife, my B&B, and my guests.  I owe nothing to any of the places I review, however, I do like to promote the positive attributes of the Finger Lakes and there are lots of those, so it is easy.  I try to offer information that can help you choose whether a winery or restaurant is right for you.  I will not "slam" a place that is awful, I will just never mention them.  However, I will not sugar coat my reviews so that everyplace is wonderful and perfect.  Those kind of reviews are of no help to anyone.