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French names on American wineries often sounds a bit like putting on airs. In some cases they may be, but in the case of Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars it has more to do with a nearby small hamlet on Seneca Lake that bears the same name, than any French lineage. Lamoreaux Landing, the wine cellar, is located on the Eastern side of Seneca Lake and is the first winery to the North on the very winery dense section of the wine trail known as the Banana Belt. The winery is a welcome gateway to the rest of the trail as you head south, but be warned, it only produces dry wine (other than a couple of ice wines). This winery has long been one of my favorites, both because they make excellect dry wine AND they happen to be the closest winery to our B&B. 

Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsThe Wine

Lamoreaux has long been known as a producer of dry wine.  Both their Dry Riesling and Semi-Dry Riesling have well-balanced structure that makes them ideal with a nice dinner or just sitting in an Adirondak chair watching the lake roll by.  Their Gewurztraminer is perfectly floral yet without the bite that many have.  One sip had me longing for a nice Thanksgiving dinner to pair it with.  On the red side of the tasting are a pair of bold Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  The Merlot had a nice bit of tanin at the end that would have been perfect to cut the oil from a perfectly cooked steak.  Of particular interest is the winery's T23 Cabernet Franc which is aged in stainless steel as opposed to oak so it has no oak flavor and is intentionally light on tanins.  It is a good crossover wine for people who like dry white wine but generally are not oaky red fans.  The Estate Red is Lamoreaux's answer to the $10 dry red table/everyday wine.  In my opinion it is one of the better dry red table wines in that price range.  They also have a Pinot Noir Rose that has a nice acidity uniquely finished in Oak.

Price is an interesting factor at Lamoreaux Landing.  Many wineries producing dry wine in the Finger Lakes charge a lot more for their wines, but Lamoreaux's are more reasonably priced.  Certainly they are not bargain basement prices, but many wineries charge a lot more for lesser wines.  I appreciate Lamoreaux for not getting carried away by the wine rush and keeping their outstanding wines in the $10-$18 range (ice wines and specialty wines not included).

The Setting

The tasting room at Lamoreaux Landing is an impressive piece of architecture that is one of the nicest you will find in the Finger Lakes (top 5 easy).  It is more along the lines of something you'd find on a California wine trail.  The staff tends to be quite knowledgeable about the wine and the grapes that go into it.  Tasting notes are well written and organized.  Complimentary tastings of the "estate" series of wine or $1 for 6, and additional fees for the ice wines or sparkling wine.  I've seen other blog reviews that have called it stuffy and arrogant but I think that is more the case of loud and intoxicated "wine sluggers" expecting more snappy banter.  To each their own, but if you are there for the wine and can appreciate what they offer, you are not likely to be treated poorly.

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